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Custom Order Price List

Thank you for your interest in having a custom plush animal made just for you or your little one!  Please look over the pricing list and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  

All animals can be made in all wrap scrap or a mix of minky (soft plush fabric) and wrap scrap. Please note, final price may vary if additional customizations are requested, such as a full wrap scrap animal instead of minky and scrap.  Amount of wrap scrap needed may vary slightly, however we always confirm the final design with you before cutting into your wrap. 

Small embroidery can be added onto minky fabric, such as initials, names, or dates for an additional $5-$10, depending on size and number of characters.

If there is an animal you would like to have made that you don't see listed here, send us a message!

  • Lamb Lovey, 13x13 inches, requires approximately 2.5x3 inches per ear
    • $44.99 
  • Bunny or Bear Lovey, 13x13 inches, requires 2x2 per ear for a bear or 2.5x3.5 per ear for a bunny
    • $44.99
  • Lamb Plush, 9x9 inches, scrap requirements vary
    • $59.99
  • Large Bunny or Bear,16x8 inches; requires 1 meter of wrap scrap for all-scrap bunny or bear
    • $64.99
  • Medium Bunny or Bear, 15x6 inches; requires at least 3x3 inches for heart on belly and approximately 3x5 inches for each bunny ear or 2x2 for each bear ear
    • 64.99
  • Unicorn or Pegasus, 12x14 inches; requires 22 inches of wrap scrap for all-scrap unicorn
    • $109.99
    • $10-$20 to add wings for a Pegasus 
  • Winged Dragon, 12x12 inches; requires 22-30 inches of wrap scrap depending on design
    • $94.99
  • Lion or Cat, 11x10 inches; requires approximately 30 inches of wrap scrap for all scrap lion or cat
    • $79.99
    • $10 for optional yarn mane
  • Puppy, 12x12 inches; requires 38 inches of wrap scrap for all scrap puppy
    • $64.99
  • Elephant, 13x7 inches; requires 38 inches of wrap scrap for all-scrap elephant
    • $64.99
  • Narwhal,16x6 inches
    • $44.99
  • Other available animals include: fox, monkey, moose, baby chick or bird, baby lamb, baby sloth.  Please inquire for pricing.

Please note, we are not responsible for your wrap scrap if it is lost in the mail on it's way to us.  We recommend that you purchase shipping insurance and signature required on delivery for maximum protection.